4 de agosto de 2006

Frima la Declaración de Paz

The Declaration of Peace

Take Action to End the US War in Iraq!

The Declaration of Peace is a nationwide campaign to establish by September 21, 2006 a concrete and rapid plan for peace in Iraq, including:

  • a prompt timetable for withdrawal of troops and closure of bases
  • a peace process for security, reconstruction, and reconciliation
  • and the shift of funding for war to meeting human needs.

If this plan for peace is not created and activated by Congress by September 21, the International Day of Peace, Declaration signers across the U.S. will engage in nonviolent action in Washington, D.C. and in communities throughout the nation.

A National Call for Congressional Visits

Week of Action Plan: September 21-28

From September 21-28, just days before Congress adjourns for the fall elections, Declaration signers will take action – and support a comprehensive peace process – by taking part in nonviolent action, marches, rallies, demonstrations, interfaith services, candlelight vigils and other creative ways to declare peace at the U.S. Capitol and in cities and towns across the country.

The Declaration of Peace campaign will continue after the September actions if no comprehensive plan to end the war is in place. Nationally coordinated nonviolent activities will continue until the United States withdraws from Iraq and supports a comprehensive peace process.

More than 180 antiwar, peace, and justice organizations are participating in the Declaration of Peace movement. Sign The Declaration of Peace – and take tangible, nonviolent action to end this war and to declare a new era of peace and justice.

Join the Campaign!

Connect with The Declaration of Peace in Your Area
Find groups organizing The Declaration in your community

Attend or Organize Declaration of Peace Signing Events
Join with others in publicly signing The Declaration.

Call on Congress to Sign the Congressional Declaration of Peace
Urge your Senators and Representative to commit to co-sign legislation supporting a comprehensive plan for peace.

Prepare for Action – Take Nonviolent Action Training
Learn about the power and practicalities of nonviolent action.

Take Action!
Act now for a comprehensive peace plan in September and beyond.

For More Information:
2501 Harrison St., Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 773-777-7858
E-mail: info@declarationofpeace.org