15 de octubre de 2006

¡Vamos para Ponce el jueves 9 de noviembre!

-Vamos Para Ponce: Jueves 9 de noviembre

-Piquete de Madres Contra la Guerra frente a las oficinas de reclutamiento militar en la Avenida Las Américas

-De 12:00 a 1:00 pm
En solidaridad con nuestras hermanas organizaciones de paz en Estados Unidos denunciaremos la extensión de los contratos militares a nuestros familiares en Irak , ya que a más de 7,000 soldados se les retiene en Irak por las condiciones de guerra civil y caos que impera, porque la maternidad es vida y la guerra es la antítesis de la maternidad, luchemos por la paz veamos en Estados Unidos:

Military Families Speak Out November 9th:
  • We will be going to the Pentagon to call on Donald Rumsfeld to end the Backdoor Draft:
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld recently authorized the extension of several units in Iraq , as well as the recall of Marine Individual Ready Reservists (IRR). The continuing pattern of troop extension, re-deploying troops for multiple deployments, stop-loss, sending increasing numbers of National Guard troops on foreign deployments, and recalling the IRR -- a force that is supposed to be used in times of national emergency, not wars of choice based on lies -- is taking a huge toll on our troops and their families. As the violence continues to escalate, fueled by the on-going U.S. military occupation, the burden of the failures of this Administration is again falling on the troops who have given so much and the families back home who love them.
  • We will be going to Congress to call on our Senators and Members of Congress to end the Back Door Draft, end the war in Iraq, Bring Our Troops Home NOW and Take Care of the Them When They Get Here:
We are calling on Congress to show some leadership, take a stand and bring our troops home now. Although it was the President who ordered the troops into Iraq , Congress voted to allow this to happen, and Congress has continued to be complicit with George Bush's war plan. They have consistently failed to challenge and question his actions, and they have continued to fund a war that should never have started. It is past time for all in Congress to take action to bring our troops home now and take care of them when they get here.