27 de febrero de 2008

Casos espeluznantes de militares acusados de asesinato en Estados Unidos

El periódico The New York Times en su edición del 12 de enero de 2008 informa de 121 casos de veteranos de las guerras de Irak y Afganistán que son alegados asesinos. El horror de las guerras distorciona la psique, entorpece el alma. Nos duele su dolor. Esperemos que sean inocentes. He aquí 4 de ellos:
Kevin M. Allen, an Army Guardsman who served in Iraq, was sentenced to three and a half years for motor vehicle homicide while under the influence. The accident killed Kristian O. Norman in Springfield, Mass., in 2005. Mr. Allen's lawyer told the court that Mr. Allen had developed a drinking problem after his tour of duty.
Russell Alligood, a Fort Hood soldier who served in Iraq, was sentenced to life in prison
for the 2005 murder of Capt. Jason Luz Gonzalez, 29, an Army helicopter pilot, in Harker Heights, Tex. Captain Gonzalez was shot to death during a home invasion,
and Mr. Alligood was arrested along with three others. Captain Gonzalez, a West Point graduate, did not know his attackers.
Three other men, all of them civilians, were also convicted in Captain Gonzalez's murder.
William Edward Adams, Jr., a former soldier who served in Iraq, is charged with murder in the shooting death of his father, William Edward Adams Sr., and his father's companion, Lori Ann Abernethy Chamberlain, in Catawba County, N.C., in 2006. The police, who found rifles in the defendant's house, believe he was upset because his father wanted him to repay a debt. Mr. Adams pleaded not guilty.
Jose Aguilar, a Camp Lejeune marine, pleaded guilty in November to
second-degree murder in the 2006 death of his son, Damien, who died from a blow to the head. At the time of the murder, Mr. Aguilar was still facing charges of felony child abuse from an earlier incident. Court proceedings in that case were delayed while Mr. Aguilar was deployed to Iraq for his second tour. The killing took place after he returned from Iraq.