8 de mayo de 2006

Hispanic and Black Army?

What counties had the highest number of Hispanic and Black Army
recruits in 2004? What about high schools? And how do neighborhood
income levels compare for Black, White and Hispanic recruits?

Answers to these questions, and more summary findings are available

{http://www.nationalpriorities.org/militaryrecruits04} as part of the
National Priorities Project's expansion of the NPP Database to include
race and ethnicity data for Army recruits in 2004. The Database also
contains 2004 military recruitment data broken down by zip code, high
school, county and state, along with related statistics.

The summary findings include: The three counties with the highest
numbers of Hispanic Army recruits were Los Angeles County, Californiwith 718; Bexar County, Texas with 316; and Miami-Dade County, Florida
with 288. The three counties with the highest numbers of Black Army
recruits were Kings County, New York (239); Cook County, Illinois
(223); and Los Angeles County, California (199). The county with the
highest Hispanic recruitment rate (number of Hispanic recruits per
1000 Hispanic youths) was Eaton County, Michigan.

The county with the
highest Black recruitment rate (number of Black recruits per 1000
Black youths) was Montgomery County, Mississippi. Seventy percent of
Black recruits come from neighborhoods whose median household incomes
are below the median household income, while 64% of Hispanic recruits
and 57% of White recruits come from such neighborhoods. Within the
top 50 high schools ranked by Black recruits, 81 recruits came from
Florida high schools and 82 from Virginia high schools. Of the top 50
high schools ranked by Black recruits, 47 (or 94%) have a JROTC
program affiliated with some branch of the military. High schools
from Texas (16 schools), California (14 schools) and Florida (13
schools) made up 86% of the top 50 high schools ranked by number of
Hispanic recruits. Additional findings, along with charts and tables,
are available at www.nationalpriorities.org/militaryrecruits04